Floral and Flamingo First Birthday Party


Sometimes it takes a little brainstorming to come up with the perfect party theme, and sometimes there’s one in the making all year long. Katherine’s flamingo and floral first birthday party (two things that quickly became her signature items from the day she arrived) was filled with the sweetest details that I’d been dreaming up for months. Throughout my pregnancy, I told my mom on numerous occasions about this adorable flamingo stuffed animal from Anthropologie and always concluded with “well…if I have a girl.” We received it as a gift at the hospital when she was born, and the love stuck! 

When I started thinking about our sweet girl turning one, I was overcome with so many emotions. How could she be one already? Being my second, I knew what this milestone meant. She would start being more independent. Needing me less. And it made me sad to think about because our one-on-one time was so special. Studying her sweet delicate face, her scrunchy little toes and beautiful baby blues looking up at me as she nursed. I secretly loved being the only one who could get her to sleep, and I knew that this would quickly change as we weaned out of the nursing stage. But there was simply no stopping the inevitable.

So I planned to distract myself. Everything from invitations and decorations to food and drinks. I had an idea for all of it. 

My husband will absolutely tell you that I am a crazy person when it comes to parties. I love every second of collecting items and making little piles in my office of all the fun stuff I’ve found. I have it all laid out in my head how I want it to look, where I want things to go and the sequence in which the set up should happen. So when the day comes, I go into full party mode which means lots of running around like a crazy person to get everything done (I’m picturing my husband nodding his head in agreement with me right about now). But I get so much happiness out of seeing it all come together.

Of course I know she isn’t going to remember any of it. But I will. And I really did have so much fun putting it all together for her. One thing you will quickly learn about me is that I entertain any excuse to host a get together. It makes my heart so happy to gather people together whether it be to celebrate a holiday, milestone or to just simply have a good time.

Looking back through these photos I can feel the happiness and excitement of this day all over again and I hope you can too! Stay tuned for PART 2 of the party featuring more dreamy details, including a super simple recipe for the prettiest pink cocktail.

floral-flamingo-birthday-party-1 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-2 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-3 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-6 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-7 Flamingo and Floral First Birthday Partyfloral-flamingo-birthday-party-11Flamingo and Floral First Birthday Partyfloral-flamingo-birthday-party-15 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-16 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-17floral-flamingo-birthday-party-31floral-flamingo-birthday-party-14floral-flamingo-birthday-party-44floral-flamingo-birthday-party-23 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-24 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-25 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-26 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-28 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-29floral-flamingo-birthday-party-30floral-flamingo-birthday-party-27

We even managed to sneak away for some family photos. And by sneak away I mean taking an adventure across a semi-busy street (balloon in hand and barefoot!) for the perfect spot. 

floral-flamingo-birthday-party-32 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-33 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-34 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-35 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-36 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-37 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-38 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-39 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-40 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-41 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-42 floral-flamingo-birthday-party-43

Photography credit: Angie Terrell


14 thoughts on “Floral and Flamingo First Birthday Party

  1. Kristen

    The most amazing first birthday party I have ever seen! I plan to look at these photos for inspo over and over again!

  2. Mia Allen

    Kailey you are so talented and it makes me happy to see you following your dreams! I love the party photos and look forward to seeing more moments in life with family and friends! Much love cuz, Mia.

  3. Mama Lu

    Absolutely gorgeous! This is my “proud mama” day!
    I am so glad you are sharing your inspirations …29 years in the making💗


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