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Family in Vail Colorado

And this is what it looks like trying to get the above….Family in Vail Colorado

Happy belated Thanksgiving from the Gordons! We spent the holiday weekend in the mountains with family and it was such a refreshing change of pace. Traveling with two young kiddos is certainly no walk in the park and it was so much more work this year than I had anticipated. Three things we learned; 1. Your kids are always going to act differently when other people are around (I mean, it’s like they try to embarrass you on purpose). 2. Stay calm. Even when your three-year old is screaming for an ice cream breakfast all through Vail Village. 3. The more you obsess about getting a family photo, the harder it will be.

Epic toddler meltdowns aside, it was a great trip and on our drive home I started thinking about how lucky we are to live in such a great place. I always find myself being more thankful this time of year and it feels a little guilty. Sometimes I move through the days so quickly that I forgot how important it is to be grateful for the every day moments, all year long. It’s something I need to start working on because these kiddos really are growing up too fast.

But hey, you guys… THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the love since the launch of this blog. While I anticipated the support from my very close friends and family, I was taken back by the response from people who I didn’t even know would see my post. It really meant the world to hear from so many of you. I’m realizing more than ever how thankful I am for really genuine, nice people.

This holiday, I am especially thankful for each and every one of you. For allowing me to “dream big,” with so much love and encouragement. For making me smile as I read every single comment. And for putting a little sparkle in my eye knowing that so many of you took the time to stop by and show some love. I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing holiday weekend filled with good food, great memories and lots of wine.



5 thoughts on “Thankful Thoughts

  1. LPH

    Such a great reminder, Kailey! I look forward to keeping up with you and your family through this blog – well done!! Happy holidays to you, lovely! xoxo

  2. Andy

    Thanks for being the best mom to our munchkins, and the best wife and friend to me! I don’t know how you get it all done in a day, or hold it together sometimes, you are the best and I couldn’t be prouder of you getting this blog up and going. As much as I don’t like seeing myself on your posts, I do enjoy reflecting on our experiences together. Love you more than you know.

  3. Jenn

    I love your attitude of gratitude, such a great reminder when it gets busy during this time of year. Thanks for sharing these special moments!

  4. Jess D

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this. And seriously Andy’s comment made me tear. This blog is so awesome to follow along and feel connected to you and your fam! It’s amazing to see your natural instincts of creativity now coming out in writing xoxo


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