Oh, Hello Thirty

Another February come and gone. But seriously, where did it go?! It’s always been my very favorite month-who doesn’t love their birthday month-and this year I just so happened to turn the big 3-0. I had planned this whole “Thoughts on Thirty” post, reflecting on what I’ve learned as I head into this new decade. But then my amazing husband, and super thoughtful friends and family surprised me with the best 30th birthday celebration and I decided: These. Are. The. Moments.

30th Birthday Celebration

30th Birthday CelebrationIt was truly one of my most favorite moments in life and there are no words to describe the happiness I felt getting to spend a night with some of the people that mean so much to me. Our distance from family and friends has taught me to cherish these times, and to hang on tight to lasting relationships. I am so thankful for everyone who celebrated this milestone with me, and for the ones who couldn’t be there but still made it special. A big shoutout to my brothers who rescheduled their trip to Thailand so that this night could happen! 

I’m actually still wondering how this was actually pulled this off?! I am the ultimate snooper. I hate surprises, and always have to know what’s going on. My girlfriends went as far as making up {legit} fake plans, and then sending fake snapchats for extra convincing. Little did I know another work trip for one of my college besties was actually a less than 24 hour trip to Grand Rapids to spend the night celebrating. WHAT?! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think something was up, but this was not what I expected.

The night was filled with so many of my favorites; pineapples, pretty florals, black and gold details, lots of cocktails, and a potato bar! I’m feeling the love all over again just writing about it. You know what I think I love most? Andy knew having this memory would mean more to me than any gift. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gift from my hubby, but this night was everything. My phone didn’t leave my purse, so thank you to everyone who captured it for me! Link to the “surprise” moment at the bottom. 

30th Birthday Celebration30th Birthday Celebration30th Birthday Celebration30th Birthday Celebration 30th Birthday Celebration 30th Birthday Celebration30th Birthday CelebrationIt was the best way to end my twenties. My decade of discovery and settling down all at the same time. It’s funny how day to day didn’t really seem all that different, but in ten years I evolved as a person in so many ways. It wasn’t all easy, and it certainly wasn’t exactly how I had planned, but I’m thankful for each and every moment that has shaped me into the person I am today. Heading into my thirties feeling happy, excited and proud of this life I’ve grown into. Cheers to many more! XOXO

Surprise Video


5 thoughts on “Oh, Hello Thirty

  1. Grace Hill

    What a great night! And yes, that potato bar was everything and the desserts of course! Chris and I had such a fun time celebrating with you 🙂

  2. Mia Allen

    Such a lovely surprise! Sounds like thirty is kicking off just right! Cheers to an amazing year ahead! ~Mia xoxo

  3. Lulu

    I LOVE Surprises!! and most of all surprising you 🙂 Cheers again to being THIRTY…I am so blessed to have shared them with you
    Mama Lu

    Mama Lu


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