Holiday Cards 2018

Hi, friends! Guess what? It’s time for HOLIDAY CARDS!

Confession: I have NO idea what I’m doing for our card this year. Last year at this time, I had them designed, printed and sitting on my desk waiting to send out. We aren’t doing professional photos this year, so I’m just waiting around for my kids to give me something good to capture on my phone. 😉 

Each year I try to make this process easy and clear. I swore last year I had it all figured out and wouldn’t have to change a thing. But, you live and you learn. Plus, MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!! Which means the next two months are going to be a little busier than normal so I decided to make a few updates. Here are the details for ordering Holiday Cards this year.

CUSTOM DESIGN INCLUDED IN PRICING Since I know so many of you who order, a lot of you send a photo and tell me to do what I want. And I LOVE IT! So I wanted to to make it easy for everyone to be able to do that. There are a variety of holiday card designs up on my site, but if it’s not exactly what you had in mind I can customize it for you at no additional charge. I still have a whole bag of fun ideas stored in my brain that are up for grabs! If you trust me… 😉 What this means is, feel free to choose one of the designs from my website, or feel free to send me a photo and tell me to run with it. 

ORDER EARLY I am going to be taking a limited number of holiday card jobs this year, so get your orders in early! Unlike previous years, you do not have to have a photo ready to place your order. This will help me plan my workflow and decide when/if I need to cut off ordering. That being said, the deadline for ordering and final photo submission is DECEMBER 1. I will not be taking any late orders this year.

SHIPPING INCLUDED There is nothing more annoying than getting to the checkout and finding out you still have to pay shipping. Problem solved: all shipping/handling costs included!

ASSEMBLY OPTION For $25 + Postage costs, I will stamp, stuff and send out all of your cards! This fee includes shipping to send you the extras.

PAYMENT If you prefer to pay via Venmo or check vs. checking out on my website, shoot me an email with your order and I’ll send you an invoice.

HOW TO ORDER Click here to view designs and pricing. {FYI: everything is the same price this year!} When you are ready to order shoot me an email with your order details and I’ll send you back an invoice. Once paid, you will officially be on my “to-do” list.

THANK YOU Last but definitely not least important, THANK YOU! I am so appreciative of the support you all show. Even if you decide to order elsewhere, just reading this post makes me incredibly grateful. I know there a lot of options for holiday cards these days, many that I just simply can’t compete with, and I encourage you to pick a card that you love. Because if there is one thing I’m sure of, you should LOVE your holiday card. Even if it’s not from me. 🙂

Questions, comments, concerns? Email, text, or call me! xoxo


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