Blush, Gold and Floral Inspired Nursery

Blush-Gold-Floral-Room 16Hi, friends! I want to start by saying how much I love hearing all of your feedback on these posts. Whether it’s through the comments sections or sweet little texts, it’s real exciting to hear from you! Everything I share in this space is stuff that makes me happy, that I enjoy doing. My intention is to inspire, or maybe even ignite a little idea of your own.

Katherine’s bedroom! People have commented on her room in the background of photos wanting to see more, so I figured I’d share. But honestly, her room is a working progress and it will probably never be completely done. Who says something has to be complete before you can share it anyways?

Disclaimer: I could go upstairs and taken some semi-decent photos of my own on my iPhone in the spirit of keeping it real, or I could use these beautiful images that my super talented friend, Angie, took last spring when we had family photos done. WWYD? I also hope you all know that the pretty things I share here are just a teeny tiny part of my otherwise chaotic life. If you follow me in real time on Instagram, you already know this. Moving on… 

We didn’t find out the gender for either of our kids so neutral has always been our thing. When I was pregnant with Thomas we lived in our cute little bungalow in Denver and I had all the time in the world to curate the cutest, most detailed little space for our first born. It was perfectly neutral, woodland themed and so fitting for the sweet little boy that arrived. Baby Boy Woodland Nursery

I forgot about the cute animal drawer liners! Thank goodness for this pregnancy blog otherwise these photos would non-existent thanks to my very unfortunate computer malfunction last year.

Flash forward to me being pregnant with Katherine and things were a little different. We recently moved to Fort Collins and were living in a rental while building a house. I was chasing a toddler around all day and idea of putting together a room for the new baby didn’t even sound like fun. So I settled on the baby nesting in our room until we moved into the new house. Plus, this would give me plenty of time to have everything perfectly planned for the new room. Right Andy? HA!

Most of you know that I constantly change my mind, fall in love with new ideas and obsess over little details to make everything feel personal. I prefer it all come together organically and let’s be honest, that doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does it happen by ordering it all at one time, from one place. I’m still trying to explain this part to my husband because it drives him nuts.

I didn’t really have a plan going into it, I just knew I wanted it to be blush and gold with floral accents. Slowly but surely it has evolved into this pretty little space for our sweet girl.Blush-Gold-Floral-Room

We reused the furniture from Thomas’ baby room because the thought of making that purchase again made my head hurt. The chandelier is my absolute favorite, even though the hardware is silver while the rest of the room is gold (gasp!). It’s a random Home Depot find and I just had to have it. RH Baby & Child is to thank for the window curtains and they were my big splurge because I just think they are so beautiful. I also had every intention of getting more frames for the other side of the window last summer, but you know….life happens.

It has been a labor of love and to say I’m in love with this space would be an understatement. I secretly pretend that it’s actually my room, too. Raise your hand if your kids room are more put together than your own. {Hand raised high} Blush-Gold-Floral-Room Blush-Gold-Floral-Room Blush-Gold-Floral-Room Blush-Gold-Floral-Room Blush-Gold-Floral-Room Blush-Gold-Floral-Room Blush-Gold-Floral-Room Blush-Gold-Floral-Room Blush-Gold-Floral-Room

A few things I’ve added: A crib skirt that matches the curtains and a really fun floral crib sheet. Gold letters “KMG” above her crib and lots of Free Babes bows.Blush-Gold-Floral-Room 13 Blush-Gold-Floral-NBlush-Gold-Floral-Room 13ursery 13


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  1. Zeina

    I love this room please i need this dresser can you tell me where you got it from i would really appreciate it thankyou sooo mucb


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